3 Natural Plants That Can Help Stomach Issues


Digestive problems can strike at any moment, even in the comfort of your own home. In fact, people have been dealing with digestive problems for hundreds of years. You may have wondered how people addressed their digestive issues before the discovery of probiotics and other modern remedies.

The following are 3 plant-based methods that can help stomach issues, some of which people have been using for generations:

Korean Mint

This herb has been used in traditional Eastern medicine practices for hundreds of years. It works by soothing the digestive tract, and it can help with nausea and poor appetite. Korean mint gets much of its digestive-calming power from the chemical compounds within the plant, which are also responsible for its pleasant aroma.


This plant has been shown to help with upset stomach and bladder problems. It has even been linked to reduced cholesterol, so alfalfa is a potent addition to any wellness kit. As a bonus, alfalfa is chock full of valuable vitamins and minerals, like vitamin D, vitamin C, and calcium. So even if you aren’t experiencing any digestive troubles, adding a little alfalfa to your meal is a great idea.


Some cultures believe that sage, when burned, can help ward off evil spirits. Perhaps one of the reasons this belief came about was because of sage’s potent health benefits. Sage can help reduce bloating, gas, and stomach pain, which make it one of the most useful plants when it comes to digestive support.

If you suffer from digestive problems regularly, it might be a good idea to keep some of these plants on hand in your pantry. Not only can they be a delicious addition to your next meal, they’re proven digestive remedies that could help keep your gut in good working order.

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