The 3 WORST Holiday Foods

It’s no secret that the holidays can be a rough time when it comes to weight management and digestive health. While we’re focused on spending time with our family, we often don’t even realize how much junk food we eat over the holidays.

At Malibu Health Labs, we want to help you stay as healthy as possible this holiday season, so we put together this list of the 3 worst holiday foods for your digestion. If you avoid these 3 foods, you’ll be doing your gut and your overall health a huge favor this time of year.

The 3 Worst Holiday Foods

1. Eggnog

As I often tell my patients, dairy is one of the worst foods for your gut. It can disrupt your hormones, erode your gut lining, and even cause painful gas and bloating. Eggnog is loaded with dairy – that’s what gives it its delicious creamy flavor. But even worse, eggnog is also chock-full of another digestive destroyer: sugar. Sugar and dairy are some of the WORST foods for your digestion, and eggnog has them both in high doses. So if you’re looking to protect your gut this winter, take a pass on the eggnog.

2. Candy canes

Sugar is the main culprit in this classic holiday staple. In fact, candy canes are almost entirely made up of sugar, which has been linked to a wide range of negative health effects in numerous scientific studies. Too much sugar can increase your risk of heart disease, impair your cognitive function, and even worsen your mood. And some studies say sugar can even be more addicting than cocaine. For these reasons, it’s best to stay away from candy canes if you can.

3. Pecan pie

Yes, nuts like pecans can be a healthy addition to your diet, but that doesn’t offset the fact that pie is loaded with those two big digestive destroyers – dairy and sugar. It’s easy to convince yourself that just one small slice of pie won’t do too much damage, but the fact is even a little bit of this gut destroying sweet can do damage to your digestive tract.

Bottom line, there’s a reason why we only eat foods like these once a year. If we indulged in these foods all the time, it would seriously impact our health in a negative way. Even though you might be tempted to have one or more of these sweets over the holidays, staying away from these 3 particularly bad foods is the healthy way to go.

Steer clear of these 3 digestive destroyers, and you’ll be feeling much better as you enter the new year.

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